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Reforest California with Each Inhale

Buy an 1/8th, plant a tree

We love trees.

So much that we don’t just hug them, we built our company around them. Trees are central to our brand, our mission, our purpose, and our practices. They are part of our origin story and woven into the strands of our Napa Valley Fum DNA.

At Napa Valley Fum, we create world-class cannabis brands, products, and experiences inspired by the land on which it was grown. We grow our premium flower on treesyes, you read that right, treesthe way that nature intended. Our cultivars exemplify the way flower should be grown – outdoors, on trees, under the beautiful clear blue, sun-filled skies of Northern California.

Our roots in Northern California run deep and trees are central to our company and our cultivation practices. Sustainability is our lifeblood. Our mission statement Planting Trees for Future Generations comes from our vision to plant seeds to grow a brighter future for cannabis.

Team Fum is deeply connected to the land and all who are blessed to call the Golden State home. Our love of trees extends beyond cannabis and our hearts ache at the devastation that wildfires have wreaked on our forests and our Northern California community.

As a heart-lead, back-to-nature brand, Napa Valley Fum is dedicated to giving back to our local community and having a world-positive impact. We are partnering with One Tree Planted, a non-profit focused on reforesting the globe, to do our part to restore our majestic California forests.

"Planting trees for future generations is just one more way we can do our duty to our children and their children."

Eric Sklar

Co-Founder and CEO, Napa Valley Fum, LLC.

Every eighth you buy from us will plant one tree.

It's that simple.

Where we're planting

Camp Fire Restoration

plumas national forest, QUINCY, CA

This project aims to restore 230 acres of land by planting Ponderosa Pine, Douglas-Fir, Incense Cedar. Doing so aims to provide rich habitat to wildlife in the area, improve soil and air quality. The planting of trees also assists in restoring nearby watersheds.


Trees planted to date

Together, we have been able to fund this important reforestation effort. Thank you for purchasing LAKE GRADE Flower and Pre-rolls.

Why trees matter

To cultivate cannabis on trees, you have to start with a seed and grow those seeds in the great outdoors. The beautiful trees we lovingly raise from seed grow to over 16 feet tall and 8 feet wide giving each and every luscious bud its moment in the warm, California sun. Our sun-grown, craft cannabis is cultivated responsibly by local farmers with decades of experience and a lifetime of respect for the environment.


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