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Blazing Between the Sheets: How LAKE GRADE Cannabis Can Add Spice to Valentine’s Day Plans

February 13, 2021

As weed lovers know, cannabis is a magical plant that stimulates the mind, body, and soul. And, let’s be honest, it makes adulting so much more awesome! With Valentine’s Day coming up, we thought it would be a great time to explore using cannabis in the bedroom. Those we spoke to for this article reported benefits including increased libido, deepened intimacy, and heightened sensory awareness, just to name a few. Whether you’re planning to celebrate the day of love with a special someone or treat yourself to some good-old-fashioned self-love, LAKE GRADE cannabis can enhance your experience and take the intimacy factor to an 11.

We thought it would be fun to ask some of our favorite friends and fans about their experiences in using cannabis to heighten desire and deepen intimacy. They did not disappoint.

We spoke to our friends, Mike Glazer & Mary Jane Gibson (yup, that’s her real name — talk about being born for a career in cannabis!), from Weed+Grub who love to share stories about how cannabis makes doing everything you love that much better — including and especially sex!

We first asked them for their take on cannabis and desire. They shared that “High sex can be the greatest sex! You’re aware of every nerve ending and bead of sweat, and turned on by both.”

They had some creative (and pretty racy) things to say about how cannabis use in the bedroom affects frequency and creativity. “Oral when you’re perfectly stoned is amazing. Passing a joint back and forth while taking turns giving and receiving pleasure is ridiculously hot. We call it a 420-69, and can’t recommend it highly (pun most definitely intended) enough.”

One thing we were curious to know was whether consuming cannabis before sexual experiences can end up killing the mood with too much chill. They shared that in their experience, “if you’re having trouble connecting with a partner or find yourself too chilled out, try switching strains. In our experience, ‘start low and go slow’ applies to both cannabis and sex.” They say that once you find the right balance, you can look forward to “the time after you and your partner finish, and before you take that 15-minute nap — that’s the perfect chillness, the Big Chill. It’s our favorite part of any sexual experience.”

Their favorite recipe for using cannabis to deepen intimacy: “The High-fecta: Food, Cannabis, Sex. Follow these steps: order food delivery, get high, have mind-blowing sex, food arrives, get higher, eat, sleep. Lather, rinse (or don’t), repeat. We recommend ramen for the slurp factor.”

We also talked with our friend Nicole (@Irie_Living_) who shared that she fell in love with cannabis early on as a natural way to manage anxiety and celebrates the myriad ways this magical herb enhances her life experiences.

She’s always found that it deepens the intimacy of her sensual experiences:

“It’s a natural aphrodisiac that’s been extremely beneficial in my relationships because it increases blood flow and sexual response, which leads to more frequent, more connected, more intimate sex. Cannabis has this way of opening your mind, enabling you to see and experience things differently, tapping into different emotions and sensations which is an incredible way to deepen sexual intimacy with someone else or with yourself.”

Like our friends at Weed+Grub, Nicole recommends you start low and go slow. She shared that she once thought it would be a great idea to make edibles and eat them with an intimate partner thinking it would be really really hot and sexy. Instead of spicing things up, they both ended up passing out for 12 hours.

She points out that with the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes there are now a wide variety of ways to consume and use cannabis in the bedroom, giving you more control over dosing and a wider range of effects. Basically letting you curate your high. Because of its anti-anxiety effects, she finds that it makes it easier for her to drop into the experience.

“It’s all about experimenting, finding the strains that work for you, and approaching it with a playful curiosity. When used intentionally, cannabis can help you break out of your routines and bring new life and excitement to your intimate relationships. So have fun and experiment.”

As a long-term consumer, she prefers heavier Indicas as it allows her to melt more into herself, her partner, and her intimate experiences. But your mileage may vary and a strong Indica may send you into-da-couch instead of into-da-heights-of-sexual-pleasure. It’s a good idea to experiment with different strains and doses to find the optimal combination for you and your partner.

As you know, at LAKE GRADE we’re all about terpenes and terroir. We grow cannabis outdoors, on trees in the warm California sunshine. Our flower is rich with terpenes and each strain features the unique signature of the terroir it’s grown in, just like your favorite wines. Terpenes are the magical chemicals that give your favorite cannabis strains their unique smells and tastes. And just like a fine wine, our terpene-rich flower can enhance the sensory experience of your sensual Valentine’s Day activities.

Our go-to strain for deepening and enhancing intimate experiences is LAKE GRADE Budzilla, our proprietary, balanced hybrid strain that delivers a powerful high that will relax your body and calm your being. Our fans report getting an initial burst of energy and creativity that gives way to feelings of relaxation and a creative calm. LAKE GRADE Budzilla definitely gets the mind racing, in a good way, inviting deeper connection and conversation, ultimately leading to more intimate interactions with your partner.

For those of you who are dialed into terpenes, the high levels of myrcene in this balanced hybrid promote a relaxing and contented experience that, when coupled with secondary terpenes including pinene and limonene, offer added benefits of alertness and mood elevation. All of which will make your Valentine’s Day a delight-filled one.

Bottom line if you’re using cannabis in the bedroom, we recommend going low and slow, and most of all be playful, experiment, and have fun!

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