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We love Terpenes at LAKE GRADE and we are launching our series, #FreeTheTerpenes by sharing three unique perspectives.

Weed Whisperer

With a unique ability to “feel what the plant feels”, renowned cultivating expert Jordan Turnage takes you on a tour of our farm, sharing his skills, and our love and commitment to the plant.

Introducing Jordan


Get to know Jordan Turnage, LAKE GRADE's secret sauce, Weed Whisperer, and master grower who dedicates his life to the craft and utilizes unique growing techniques that bring our full-spectrum sun grown cannabis to life.

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Weed Scientist

Plants are made up of a multitude of chemicals and compounds, and cannabis is no different. The cannabis plant has an unusually high number of organic, aromatic hydrocarbons called terpenes. Find out more about the complex and compelling science behind the plant with our very own, Kevin Coupe.

Converse With Cannabis


Introducing our Weed Scientist, Kevin Coupe

Terp Chirps

There are over one hundred known terpenes found in many plant species, and five major terpenes found in cannabis. Different terpenes create unique smells, tastes, and effects on the body. We’re excited to work through our friends to share more about terpenes and their benefits with “Terp Chirps”.

Terpene Education From Friends


Get to know terps from our friends across California

More about Terpenes

Terpenes play an essential role in plants by attracting pollinators, repelling predators, as well as assisting plants to recover from damage or illness. Some terpenes act as the plant’s immune system, preventing infection before it takes hold. In these ways, terpenes act as a protector and healer, making them an incredibly important aspect of plant development.

The Art of Nature,
Science and a bit of Folklore

Our cultivation team has spent decades honing their craft of thoughtful and sustainable cannabis cultivation. They have orchestrated the perfect environment for an army of beneficial insects to keep our gardens free from intruders. They have even constructed a natural way to harness the wind that gently propels unfavorable bugs up and over our gardens where they can go about their business, unharmed, and away from our statuesque trees. Our selection of natural materials and companion plants assist in balancing the elements of the arid terrain of Lake County, CA., and helps maintain the natural ecosystem with a minimal footprint.



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