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The GRADE Experience

We believe that everyone should have access to and experience sun-grown, craft cannabis. Our proprietary strains are cultivated by our local growers who have dedicated their lives to clean and sustainable growing practices that deliver consistent yields and quality year after year.

We are proud to present you with these exceptional cultivars. Enjoy!

The Art of Nature,
Science and a bit of Folklore

Our cultivation team has spent decades honing their craft of thoughtful and sustainable cannabis cultivation. They have orchestrated the perfect environment for an army of beneficial insects to keep our gardens free from intruders. They have even constructed a natural way to harness the wind that gently propels unfavorable bugs up and over our gardens where they can go about their business, unharmed, and away from our statuesque trees. Our selection of natural materials and companion plants assist in balancing the elements of the arid terrain of Lake County, CA., and helps maintain the natural ecosystem with a minimal footprint.


Every eighth you buy from us will plant one tree.

It's that simple.

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