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Meet LAKE GRADE’s Canna-Supermoms: Jenny and Jane

May 9, 2021

It’s a special weekend. A celebration of the precious gift that is Mom. A gift that each and every one of us has in common. Historically, a typical Mother’s Day celebration involved gifts of flowers or homemade waffles with whipped cream and strawberries and mimosas. Well, times have changed and you’re now just as likely to see moms getting gummies, canna-creams, and flower on their pillows as you are breakfast in bed. How cool is that?!

What do Mom and cannabis have in common? Well, they both make life that much sweeter because they support us in all the ways as we navigate this thing we call life.

As our way of honoring our own mothers and all the mothers out there, we felt called to celebrate an amazing mother-daughter duo we are beyond lucky to work with. They are two of the awesome beings responsible for your favorite handcrafted LAKE GRADE cannabis. Chances are one of them had her hand in that artfully trimmed flower you’re staring at right about now. Here’s a little of their story in honor of Mother’s Day.

Meet Jenny and her mom, Jane. If you are lucky enough to encounter them, you’ll be instantly struck by their joyful aliveness, their powerful mother-daughter relationship, their incredible work ethic, their passion for cannabis, and the opportunities it’s given them.

Jenny says she started smoking weed at a young age (Mom Jane swears she didn’t know!). In her mid-teens, Jane says she noticed its calming effect on her daughter and offered to get some for her which was funny (and also kinda sweet) because Jenny already had access! After a high school job in a dental office, she got a taste of “the life” up in Mendocino County. Once she started growing and trimming and realized that she could make $250/pound to trim and up to $800/day, she quit her clerical job and spent about 3 years up North making bank and having a blast.

After seeing her daughter so happy and making such good money, Jane asked Jenny if she could teach her how to trim. Jane had smoked pot herself recreationally before having kids and says that when Jenny started to educate her, she realized that cannabis had benefits beyond what meets the eye. As she learned of all its medicinal applications, she came to see cannabis in a whole new light. Jane swears by her daughter’s magic canna-cream and says that it’s her go-to for pain management and sleep support. Jenny’s also her mom’s first call anytime something comes up for her health-wise. “Jenny always knows the right stuff!”, she says with obvious pride.

Jane had tried OTC cream for joint pain and found no joy. She switched to Jenny’s magical cannabis cream for her tennis elbow and never went back. She was so impressed that she shared it with her own mother, Jenny’s grandmother, who is now happily using it on her back and getting around better than ever.

Jenny and Jane joined LAKE GRADE within two weeks of each other, initially as trimmers. Jenny then moved to the garden and was soon subbing for the full-time manager two days a week, where she’s now in a management position and says she has her dream job. She’s her mom’s boss and, amazingly, that works beautifully for both of them.

Jane celebrates how her daughter has been able to teach her the finer points of cannabis trimming and honors the deep respect Jenny has for the team and the way she leads them. Jenny is so proud that her mom is the best trimmer by far and is on her way to being a table lead. Jane is equally proud of her daughter’s career advancement and managerial abilities. Witnessing their reciprocal celebrations of one another’s skills and accomplishments is truly an amazing experience. Their obvious joy and pride in what they do and the way that they do it are inspiring.

Their relationship was cemented and transformed through two major losses early on in their journey together — the death of Jenny?s brother when she was 16 and her dad’s passing 5 years later. The losses put an end to the headbutting that they engaged in before because they were so similar and built the mother-daughter bond that is so palpable today. As Jenny says “tragedy brings joy in other areas”.

“Whenever I see Jane she has a smile on her face and is either encouraging a fellow co-worker, having a laugh or is hard at work. It’s no wonder Jenny has such an amazing work ethic with Jane being her mom. From the first day I met Jenny she was welcoming and focused. She is the first person to offer a helping hand and she radiates confidence and demonstrates a sense of awareness that calms those around her. I smile as soon as I see either of them at work as I know good vibes are in the air.”, raves Ian Hackett, CMO and Head of Compliance at LAKE GRADE.

It’s such a joy to witness the way these two amazing women see and celebrate each other. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want you to know, Jane and Jenny, that we see and celebrate you and the incredible contributions you make to the growth and success of LAKE GRADE each and every day. You inspire us and make us better.

Wishing all the moms reading this a happy Mother’s Day! May all of you reading be inspired by Jane and Jenny’s story and find the joy in your own maternal relationships.

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