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Canna-Dads Cannot do Enough for Their Kids

June 14, 2022

It’s that time of year when we celebrate dear old dad. You might not know that Father’s Day didn’t become an official thing in the USA until 1972 — 58 years after Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day a national holiday. We didn’t know this until we took a hit of Budzilla and our curiosity about Hallmark holidays kicked into full gear and the Goog dropped some knowledge on us that took us down the rabbit hole for a few lost hours but we digress… as one does on Budzilla. Father’s Day celebrations and spending still lag in comparison to the hoopla we make over our moms in May by a significant amount. And unlike moms, dads share their honorary month of June with grads — think “dads and grads” — further diffusing and diminishing our collective attention.

Our recent Mother’s Day post got us thinking — or maybe it was the Lemon Sour Diesel — if the super moms we spoke to say cannabis makes them better parents, what about dads? As gender roles continue to evolve, modern dads are being stretched thin — being more and doing more than ever before, especially when it comes to their kids. And, in their own way, they face a host of parenting challenges with all the intensity in our modern world.

In honor of Father’s Day, we decided to do what we do when we get curious about something. We went to the source(s) and spoke to some of the amazing “canna-dads” on Team Napa Valley Fumé about their relationships with their kids and cannabis. We learned that today’s fathers are also choosing to work with cannabis to support their mental and physical health as well as their self-care. And like the moms we interviewed, the dads we spoke to say that cannabis helps them to be calmer and more present for their kids. A common theme among these dads is wanting to ensure that their kids are spared many of the challenging life circumstances they experienced as children and in their lives in general. Like our canna-moms, these dads are going beyond the historical provider role to be present parents to their beloved offspring. And they have incredible self-awareness about how their states of mind and body affect those of their kids.

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating dads who say that cannabis makes them better parents — more present, relaxed, and patient. Let’s take a moment to meet and honor some of the hard-working and dedicated dads on Team Napa Valley Fumé.

Loren is one of our plant technologists and a loving father. He tends to the plant babies in our gardens by day and his daughter at home on the weekends. Loren also rocks our social accounts, posting photos from the farm so that you can experience the plant magic from the comfort of your couch. He says that cannabis has helped him regain his appetite, making it possible for him to enjoy meals again. He also says it makes him more patient, helping him relax after a long day at work or with the family. He and his daughter love cooking together: “Being able to enjoy the food and have the patience for all the activities that she loves to do is absolutely wonderful at the end of the day.”

For dads like Loren, we suggest you consider a gift like this:

Family Cookbook Recipe Journal: A Blank Recipe Book for Family Favorites

Our co-founder and CEO, Eric Sklar is a loving father and a proud cultivator with deep roots in both wine and cannabis. Working with cannabis has drastically improved his sleep and reduced chronic pain from an old injury. Eric has found greater patience and better focus and attention which allowed him to be more active with the kids when they were young and more present with them throughout their lives. Eric is also a die-hard Warriors fan (go Dubs!!). One of his favorite things to do with his daughters is to go to Warriors games. Decades ago, going to Warriors games was a way for him and his father to enjoy each other’s company when they otherwise didn’t get along so well — a situation that changed for the better when he exited his teen years. He’s now finding that the same applies to his daughters. “As teens, when spending time with me was not at the top of their list, the time we spent driving to and attending the games was precious to me.” For dads and Dubs fans like Eric, a great Father’s Day gift idea would be:

Rawlings NBA Game On Polycarbonate (PC) Mini Basketball Hoop Set

Nick is one of the amazing beings who keep the dispensary shelves stocked, driving all over the Golden State to deliver our premium, sun-grown product. He’s proud to be in recovery and also shares that he’s had bouts of depression in the past. Nick no longer takes the medication prescribed for his mental health because he’s found that cannabis has helped him to heal both physically and psychologically. He tells us: “Cannabis has helped me in my fatherhood walk. Suffering from depression is painful in so many ways. Cannabis has been a very effective and safe medication to alleviate my depression and the pain associated with it.” When not driving for NVF, Nick loves to enjoy the great outdoors, spending time fishing with his kids because it grounds him and them and keeps the focus on where it belongs, on the family. If your dad is like Nick, a great gift idea for Father’s Day could be:

Fishing Pail

And last but definitely not least, our beloved Anthony, one of our surveillance team members who keeps everyone safe at the workplace. Anthony works the graveyard shift so that he can be with his young son during the daytime hours when he’s awake. Being a dad is not easy, but cannabis has helped in a lot of ways. Like all toddlers, his son demands a lot of his time and energy. Anthony uses medical cannabis — Sativa dominant strains are his jam — in the morning with coffee, which he says “helps with energy and staying focused, it also helps with creativity of the mind, helping me to come up with new fun activities to do with my son.” Anthony uses Indica at night to help with sleep and to relax muscle tightness and tension, helping prepare his body for the next day. His favorite father-son activities include walks in local parks and playing fetch with their pit bull, Simba. His son also loves to play catch or kickball and enjoys swings or simply running at top speed through the grass. They both share a love of low-rider car shows. “My son loves to see low-riders hopping up and down on hydraulics with the bright colors.” He’s also turned learning sign language with his son into an everyday activity while teaching him his ABCs. Sundays are their movie nights and when it’s bedtime he says that his son likes him to sing him to sleep. How adorable is that!

A great gift for a loving dad like Anthony could be:

Hapinest Find and Seek Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Indoor Card Game for Kids

We want to thank all the dads we spoke to for your candor and for taking the time to share your experiences with us. We see you, we hear you, and we celebrate how you incorporate cannabis (and LAKE GRADE) to make your lives richer and more enjoyable and to ensure the calm, grounded, and present parenting that supports our future generation.


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