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Canna-Infused Valentine’s Day Menu: Recipes for Romance

February 5, 2020

Love is in the air as we approach the 14th of February—the day we celebrate our beloved with the complex sweetness of chocolate, the otherworldly scent of rose, the magic of candlelight and sensuous Valentine’s Day feasts designed to conjure Eros and awaken our desire. The culinary alchemists in the fumé test kitchen have put together a visually stunning menu that will tantalize your taste buds while delighting and elevating all your senses. They’ve artfully infused cannabis into the main, salad and dessert courses to take your celebrations of love to new heights. 

Note, the total THC load for the full menu prepared as directed is approximately 14.5-15mg. Our cannabis scientists always assume full extraction so the actual quantity of active THC is likely to be somewhat lower. As always, you’ll want to experiment to find the level that’s right for you and your date and may want to leave the cannabutter/canna-infused oil out of certain recipes to serve fewer infused courses. 

Remember, you want to create an evening you won’t forget, not one you can’t remember—when it comes to infused edibles, you can always have more but you can’t have less!

“Valentine’s Day is about maximizing QT with your lovely and this colorful meal presents decadence while being time-sensitive. Roasted beet tahini will light up the plate with rich magenta – offering nutty, creamy, and citrus notes to the cauliflower. Flank, hanger, or skirt steak work great because they are quick and super flavorful steaks. The garlic and herb in the chimichurri brightens it all up. Recommend using the salad croutons to sop up the meat juices. Warm cardamom spice and crunchy, piney pistachios enhance the flavors of the rich, chocolatey, infused cake. Yum, romance.” – Alex

“This light, fresh, and eye-popping meal is the perfect beginning to a wonderful Valentine’s Day experience. Smaller portions and garden-fresh offerings deliver a tasty and healthy meal that delights the senses. The bright chimichurri adds an herbaceous and citrusy quality to the steak and pairs well with the savory cauliflower and vibrant beet tahini. The flourless chocolate cake is the perfect end to your dinner with its warm notes of decadent chocolate and cardamom-infused whipped cream. Nothing about this meal is overly heavy or sweet. The perfect beginning for a wonderful night.” – Kevin


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