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Moms of LAKEGRADE | What are Your Favorite Cannabis or CBD Products?

May 10, 2020

Tulips, roses, hydrangeas, and peonies are a few of the common flowers that moms like, but some moms prefer a flower that delivers a different feeling. In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked some of our rockstar moms to fill us in on their favorite cannabis and CBD products. Moms that work at a cannabis company—who better to ask for product advice? Enjoy.

Juliette B., Delivery Team

Kikoko Honeyshots are delicious cannabis-infused honey sticks. As a mom who wants to chill after a long day, I love to draw a bath with lavender epsom salts and enjoy a cup of sleepy time tea with canna-infused honey.

Jen B., Cultivation Team

RAW Rolling Papers are awesome. They are all natural and made from plants so you get to taste exactly what you’re smoking. I also love the Buy Weed from Women Tote Bag and what this company stands for. It’s something I am proud to “tote” around.

Sarah C., Assistant General Manager, Delivery Team

Care by Design 18:1 Gel Caps have the perfect high dose of CBD that help me relax and clear my head at the end of the day for a better night’s sleep. Mary’s Medicinal CBD Patches are my go-to when I need anxiety and pain relief. Plus, they are really easy to use and provide the right dosing every time. 

Judi E., Delivery Team

FUEGO High Potency Drops are convenient and discreet. They deliver a long-lasting high and the taste of cinnamon is energizing. 

Mia F., Cultivation Team

Ganja Gold Tarantula Prerolls are my go-tos—in addition to LAKEGRADE prerolls—because they too believe in quality cannabis that delivers a great experience. As for edibles, Squib Gummies are so tasty and provide a wonderful high. And, I love how each gummy is scored around the edge to make it easy to cut up if you want a smaller dose.

Kimberly M., Delivery Team

Lift Ticket Prerolls are super unique. The paper is infused with cannabis and they come with a glass tip.

Blue R., METRC Manager, Delivery Team

Emerald Sky Sativa Peanut Butter Cups are amazing. They give a perfectly-balanced high and you would never know they were infused with THC. Simply delicious. For sore muscles and pain relief, I love Apothacanna Infused Body Oil. The minty aroma and cooling feeling is quite wonderful.

Rachel S., Delivery Team

Heavy Hitter Vapes are so rad. They use cold-filtering technology that purifies the cannabis oil and offers a great taste. As an on-the-go stress relief or energizer, I use Protabs.



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